Ultraroof/Tiled Roofs

Introducing Ultraroof: A Blend of Style and Strength

For those seeking a tiled conservatory roof that exudes elegance while delivering exceptional thermal performance, look no further than Ultraroof.

Rest assured, Ultraroof surpasses rigorous testing to meet Building Regulations and the latest fire safety standards. Not only that, but it also stands as the quickest to construct and most thermally efficient tiled roof available for conservatories.

Precision-engineered and tailor-made to your exact specifications, Ultraroof eliminates the need for cutting, trimming, or battening during installation. Experience minimal disruption and mess, as Ultraroof is assembled swiftly compared to other systems or traditional roofs.

As the lightest and sturdiest tiled conservatory roof on the market, Ultraroof effortlessly accommodates large spans of bi-fold or sliding doors, with the capability to span up to 4m unsupported. Unlike solid roofs, it maintains a sleek appearance without the need for unsightly tie bars