Livinroof/Solid Roof

Discover the Perfect Harmony of Light and Comfort

With Livinroof, you no longer have to settle for just a solid or glass conservatory roof. Experience the best of both worlds as Livinroof seamlessly blends light and comfort, creating a cozy yet luminous living space that’s perfect for year-round enjoyment.

Whether you’re embarking on a new house extension, upgrading your existing conservatory roof, or crafting a Garden Room, Livinroof offers unparalleled design flexibility. Enjoy the tranquility and coziness of a solid roof while still basking in natural light, thanks to Livinroof’s innovative construction.

Crafted from durable yet stylish materials like aluminium or insulated composite external panels and insulation, Livinroof boasts a robust and chic design. The urban grey panels add a touch of sophistication, ensuring your home stands out with that undeniable wow factor.