Lanterns & Skylights


Imagine edge-to-edge glass vanishing as light floods your space, offering unobstructed views of the sky and a contemporary touch. Whether you’re craving a brighter kitchen or a serene dining haven, this innovative skylight brings the outdoors in, wherever natural light is scarce. And it’s not just stunning – noise-reducing glass and a thermally insulated core ensure peace and quiet alongside year-round comfort. Let Ultrasky skylights elevate your home with both light and elegance.


Imagine light flooding your home, creating a spacious sanctuary that seamlessly blends indoors and out. The Ultrasky Lantern Roof lets you do just that. With fewer bars and more freedom, it adapts to your every wish, whether it’s a sun-soaked dining room, a cozy kitchen extension, or even a tranquil bedroom bathed in natural light. Enhance your home’s value and unleash your design aspirations, all while basking in the beauty of the world outside. Let the Ultrasky be your bridge to a brighter, more spacious tomorrow.