Whether your house is traditional or modern, large or small, a town house, a bungalow or a cottage in the country, Eddisbury Construction has the PVC-U windows to complement your home perfectly. Most of the benefits of PVC-U speak for themselves nowadays – no rotting or warping, minimum maintenance, enhanced security etc. – but Eddisbury Construction also offers you a wide range of styles. So whether you want windows that will blend in with the natural style of your home or make a statement in their own right, our web site contains just a taste of the styles available – and every one made and installed to the exacting standards that you come to expect from a first class company.

Now, with range and the assurances from Eddisbury Construction, backed by Independent Network, you need never compromise in choosing the very best looking windows and doors – and still look forward to a warm, draught free home with reduced heating bills and enhanced security. Traditional or contemporary, grand or modest, in the heart of the town or out in the country; whatever your the individual character of you’re home, a well chosen style of window will show it at its very best.

Eddisbury Construction is your local Independent Network member, we can help you choose from a massive array of styles, functions and finishes in PVC-U to find the one that is perfect for your home. You are assured of all the protection offered be Independent Network from the moment your order is registered. Read the Independent Network customer charter on the ‘About Us’ page.